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Angel Organizations of the Month

MaAfrika Tikkun

MaAfrika Tikkun

Our Mission

To empower and transform previously disadvantaged South African communities by focusing on vulnerable children, their guardians and environment. This is achieved by investing in and delivering service excellence in the areas of education, economics, health and social services, which operate out of community centres.

Our Vision

To promote and organize projects with community leadership that strive to uplift, build and ultimately transform the disadvantaged communities of South Africa which have been affected for decades by the ravages of extreme poverty, disease and the psychological effects resulting from these living conditions.

MaAfrika Tikkun
Our name is a representation of “MaAfrika”, the mothering, empowering African atmosphere, mixed with the word “tikkun” which loosely translated means change or transformation in Hebrew. Together, the Jewish value of Tzeddakah (compassion, caring and helping) and the African value of Ubuntu (community warmth and sharing) encompass the vision of this NGO, which is to care for vulnerable children in townships in a compassionate manner that is sustainable over time.

South Africa is still in the midst of political, social and economical transformation. It has overcome many of the problems it faced as a new democracy in 1994. However, many challenges remain and MaAfrika Tikkun is playing a part in making a meaningful difference to the upliftment of previously disadvantaged and impoverished people in South Africa. MaAfrika Tikkun is a symbol of hope for those who want to progress in life, but up until now have not had the means to do so. We are the bridge between government and private sector services in that our goal is to create community centers and embark on community projects that allow the community (within a period of 5 years) to then take ownership of the project and to continue with it. We place a high value / premium on local relevance, which is manifested by our contribution to the quality of life in South Africa. In doing so, we are sensitive to the national needs and social and cultural contexts of the regions in which we operate.

Of major concern to MaAfrika Tikkun is the large number of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs).

The many informal communities developing on the outskirts of big cities are another growing concern. The lack of infrastructure in these areas leads to the exacerbation of the problem. Unemployment is high, and parental illness or death because of HIV/AIDS and other diseases has left children orphaned or vulnerable.

MaAfrika Tikkun believes in sustainable collaboration. We initiate new projects and partnerships (local, national and international) and spearhead and focus the necessary commitment to relevant self-sustaining and empowering projects.

In terms of this, we follow a double-component strategy in delivering services by involving ourselves in CARING and SKILLING projects. Our caring programs are aimed at people who are living below the poverty line and at children and the aged who are neglected and ostracized due to HIV/AIDs. Our skilling projects are aimed at children and adults who are otherwise unable to obtain further education and training to progress in life. This philosophy also aims to arm people with knowledge to build a better life for themselves

    • Feeding schemes
    • Vegetable gardens
    • Shack renovation
    • Counseling and life skills
    • Caregivers, social workers and nurses
    • Palliative home-based care for the terminally ill

    • ABET training (basic literacy)
    • Computer Training (children/adults)
    • After schools cultural diversity programmes
    • Primary health care training for caregivers
    • Training community project workers in admin/finance/project management
    • After schools leadership programmes
    • Sewing/baking/bead-making training

    MaAfrika Tikkun has a reaction unit, which responds to disaster-hit areas. We provide basic necessities including food, utilities and shelter when forces like veldfires, flooding and other disasters occur.

For information on orphaned and vulnerable children, please click here.

For more information on MaAfrika Tikkun or to make a donation, please visit

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