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Angel Organizations of the Month

The Sustainable South Bronx - National Organization of the Month

The Sustainable South Bronx

Environmental Justice Solutions
through innovative, economically sustainable projects
informed by community needs

Founded in 2001 by life-long South Bronx resident, Majora Carter, SSBx addresses land-use, energy, transportation, water & waste policy, and education to advance the environmental and economic rebirth of the South Bronx, and inspire solutions in areas like it across the nation and around the world.


South Bronx residents have far less open space and waterfront access than other parts of NYC.

The South Bronx Greenway Project (SBG) is a community led plan for a bicycle/pedestrian greenway along the South Bronx waterfront, which will provide much needed open space, waterfront access and opportunities for mixed used economic development.

Green Roofs

Green Roofs






This 10-week program is free to qualified applicants. Students graduate with several certifications, job readiness preparation, and a powerful environmental justice perspective on all of the important work they are qualified to do. We work with our graduates to help them find the right job, and we track their progress for 3 years in case they need help finding their place in this growing and rewarding job market .

The Sheridan Expressway

The Sheridan Expressway is a poorly planned 1.25 mile redundant highway link in the South Bronx. Built at a time when Robert Moses (the “Power Broker”) dictated New York public works projects, the Sheridan Expressway is one of four expressways that has contributed to the blight, disinvestment and public health problems plaguing the South Bronx.

Removing this short stretch of highway will reunite South Bronx neighborhoods, allow residents to access the newly restored Bronx River, and create space for parks, affordable housing and positive economic development.

Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance (SBRWA)
The Sustainable South Bronx Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice Tri-State Transportation Campaign 10 years of fighting for social justice
Pratt Institute Center for Community and Economic Development

Sustainable South Bronx is together with Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, Mothers on the Move, Pratt Institute Center for Community and Economic Development, and Tri-State Transportation Campaign, under the name:
Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance (SBRWA) in support of a Community Plan to decommission the Sheridan Expressway.


Solid Waste And Energy
The Solid Waste and Energy program at SSB aims to address the problems associated with the unjust clustering of polluting facilities that receive waste in all its forms, including rotting garbage, construction and demolition debris, fill material, waste water, and sewage sludge. It also works to address wasteful energy consumption and dirty energy generation that is located in the South Bronx. SSB tackles these problems through a combination of advocacy activities aimed at winning increased community accountability for polluters, more protective government policies, and implementing environmentally sound and community friendly alternatives to current practices.

Truck-based transfer stations and garbage equity
The South Bronx handles a full 25% of New York City's waste and has 15 waste transfer stations located within a one-mile radius. As part of the Organization of Waterfront Neighborhoods (OWN) SSB forcefully advocates to re-distribute NYC's garbage equitably throughout all parts of NYC, and to make garbage export less noxious, by eliminating long haul diesel trucks and replacing them with barge and rail export options. SSB also works to get the best protections available for stations located in the South Bronx, and to establish benefit projects that serve to mitigate negative environmental impacts.

Zero Waste Campaign
If city-wide garbage equity is important for shorter-term reduction of impacts from waste, the mid-term elimination of the root cause is Zero Waste. If New York City plans and invests appropriately, by 2025 it could have virtually no waste in need of export and it could create jobs and save money in the process. SSB is a part of a city-wide coalition that helped to create the report Reaching for Zero: A Citizen's Guide for Zero Waste, which can we make this a link to which lays out an action plan for the City to achieve that goal and which influenced the City's Solid Waste Management Plan.

Bronx Recycling Industrial Park (BRIP) SSB, in partnership with Green Worker Cooperatives, Pratt Instituted Center for Community and Environmental Development, Sustainable Enterprise, and the Hugo Neu Corporation, is working to develop a center for recycling; recycling-based manufacturing; and reuse industries, at the Oak Point site in Hunts Point. The BRIP, essentially a collection of businesses in which the waste and by-products of one business would be the raw material for another one, would reduce the generation and export of waste from The Bronx, assist in shutting down existing truck-based construction & demolition waste transfer stations in the South Bronx and provide 300-500 quality jobs to South Bronx residents.

For more information on The Sustainable South Bronx and its founder Marjora Carter, please click here.

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