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Hurricane Katrina Initiatives

Children's Defense Fund - New Orleans, LA

Marian Wright Edelman, Founder and President of the Children's Defense Fund, on Katrina's Children...

"That Katrina's children's most basic human needs have been neglected is a moral scandal and impending long-term disaster.

"Over seven long months after children in our nation's poorest states suffered horrifying flood devastation, tens of thousands of them have been left to wrestle with their profound losses without adequate mental health and health supports. Seven months is a lifetime for a child. Seven months is an unending nightmare for children denied help to clear their psyches battered by loss of family members, friends, homes, schools, and neighborhoods.

"Our efforts are a drop in the basket of need. Our invisible children need to be on the front burner of adult and national concern and action.

"This is not a time for business as usual, compassion fatigue, moving on to the next story, partisan political games, or citizen apathy. This is a time for our nation to act with urgency and efficiency to construct strong mental health, health, education, and after-school programs for all Katrina's children without another moment's delay. "

Click here to read Child Watch® Column, Katrina - Two Years in the Life of a Child by Marian Wright Edelman

Children's Defense Funds Freedom Schools

The Children's Defense Fund responded to the Gulf States most vulnerable children by opening a store-front Freedom School in the 9th Ward of New Orleans in the summer of 2006 to provide invaluable services to children and families affected by the hurricane.

Today thousands of children continue to roam New Orleans or FEMA trailer camps. Others in Gulf Coast states lack public school space. There is a tremendous need for quality summer and after school enrichment like CDF Freedom Schools programs.

Click here to learn more about CDF Freedom Schools and Malaak Compton-Rock's, a CDF Board Members, support of the program.

Bonita House of Hope, Houston, TX

Bonita House took in twenty-four families within days of the storm who were forced to evacuate their homes in New Orleans and come to Houston with nothing but the clothes on their backs. These displaced families, numbering more than 120 women, men and children, were in desperate need of housing, food, clothing, household items, baby supplies, medical care, prescription drugs, transportation, and emotional as well as spiritual support. Bonita House of Hope was there at the most critical time and continues to service the most difficult to place cases.

Click here to learn more about Bonita House of Hope and Malaak and Chris Rock's support of the organization.

Brooklyn Services
The Children's Defense Fund Freedom School in the 9th Ward

Ted Jackson/Times-Picayune

Angel Project of the Month

Target Target Gives $1 Million
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Malaak and Chris Rock Announce Gift at the Opening of The Bushwick Salvation Army Community Center's Newly Transformed Library

Angel of the Month

Read about Ken Fredman, web developer and marketing executive in Manhattan.

Angel Interview of the Month

Read about Pam Cope, co-founder of the Touch A Life Foundation, in Dallas, TX.

Angel Organizations of the Month

The Denise Amber Lee Foundation
National Organization of the Month

Coaltion to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers
International Organization of the Month

Angel Book of the Month

Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan by Greg Mortenson

Angel Website of the Month

FINCA International provides financial services to the world's lowest-income entrepreneurs.

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